1. What version of bugzilla is supported?
    2.16 at the moment, 2.17 support will be added when I have time or someone writes the mapping files.
  2. When I open the Jagzilla perspective two dialogs pop up; "Nothing to show" and later "Unable to create part: Bugs".
    Problems with connection (check window -> preferences -> jagzilla -> database ) or wrong bugizilla database (2.16 is supported).
  3. Does Jagzilla currently support Eclipse 2.1.x?
    Yes, but it has almost no test there. The development platform was 3.0M4
  4. To install the plugin, do I need anything other than what is under "jagzilla-eclipse-plugin" at SourceForge? Do I need any of the other files from SourceForge?
    no, just download the binary .zip and install as other plugins
  5. How do I add support for bugzilla X.Y?
    This is somewhat easy, copy paste the project net.sf.jagzilla.hibernate-bugzilla-2.16 (currently main) to net.sf.jagzilla.hibernate-bugzilla-X.Y adapt classes and hibernate xdoclet tags. If you feel to share, send me the project so I add it to the CVS.